Presentation is the need of today. It represents you in away and describes many things at a single glance. We guide our clients in just the proper directions by fulfilling their requirements.

Following are few services we render with our multimedia team:

Flash & Multimedia Services:

Leaps & Bounds will help you get the most from Flash.

Macromedia Flash is the industry standard for creating Intro pages, Interactive navigation and banners. It is easy to amend and easy to deliver. But really great Flash Presentation requires a level of skill and understanding far beyond the experience of the occasional user.

Leaps & Bounds expertise can turn an OK presentation into something special. We can create bespoke designs that work within, and engage beyond your corporate guidelines. We can sort out all your formatting inconsistencies and make sure that all your assets conform to preset guidelines which will make future production much more straightforward.

From digitised video clips to 2D and 3D animations; from top quality sound files to bespoke designs, Leaps & Bounds adds that extra touch that brings your presentation alive and keeps it alive long after the screen has been turned off.

Logo Designing

Leaps & Bounds graphic design department will create a professional looking logo that can be used in web and print. You will be provided with a questionnaire and a graphic image off your company name in several fonts which will help us determine your style. This will allow us to create a logo that will reflect your companies image. We will create six logos. You can choose one logo for revision at no charge. Each addition revision is $25 per revision.

$239.99 Advanced Logo Design:
Includes 6 Samples to choose from based on your specification and design ideas. Each additional revision is $25 per revision.

$129.99 Basic Logo Design:
Same as above with 3 samples submitted for you to choose from. Each revision is subject to a $25 per revision charge.