Product offerings :-

Soil Testing (Vasundhara ) /Water Testing

The most novel & unique software for biotech sector. Vasundhara is meant for laboratories where a detail analysis need to be conducted on soil. Currently it is developed for agricultural sector where based on result of tested soil that are keyed in.

The reports that are generated based on these inputs help make a choice of fertilizers, quantity, pattern of use, ideal crops etc.

Salient Features :-
Soil Components Calculation is the fastest.
Rationalizing of fertilizer to be recommended is on line.
Comprehensive Report Generation right for soil type to final recommendation at single click.

School Management (Vidya )

Lend a higher dimension to school management. Vidya is actually a two level software that handle information pertaining to : -
(a) The Students,
(b) The Management staff.
Vidya is also upgradeable to include admission system module.
Salient Features :-
Level (1)
Manages effectively all student database.
Generation of certificates like School Leaving, Character etc of individual students.
Mark sheet management & generation.
Subject wise Graphic Representation & Student wise as well.
Periodic (as may be specified) Report Generation of Students & Classes as well as Teachers.
Level (2)
Free Related Reports
Staff Payroll Systems.
Inventory ordering & Distribution of Books

Hospital Management (Dhanvantari )

An all round software for every modern poly clinic gives periodic information as may be required comprehensively penetrating every aspect of Hospital Management & Administration.
Salient Features :-
Covers Case right from OPD /Case Papers to discharge.
Makes available patient’s test details at a clinic.
Handles effective OT details .
Monitors, generates information pertaining to Pre & post Operative In-Hospital care.
Generates Billing & Inventory information.


Kalpavruksha is a flagship product.
Kalpavruksha is a unique generalized software tested and used by banks in sectors like Nationalized, Commercial, DCCBs and RRBs as well.
Kalpavruksha has been found absolutely cost effectively on parameters like time & manpower in calculating the required data from SHGs.
Kalpavruksha effectively & accurately generated any complex information in less than a minute which otherwise manually would take 2+ MANDAY.
Salient Features :-
Absolutely User Friendly.
Effort Saving.
Effective Database Maintenance.
Multiple Report Generation.
Minimum configuration : – P-1 Processor, 16MBRAM,
OS :-Window 95.
Ease in performance & financial Review of SHGs.
Easy to load.
Report generation on requirement of various authorities and agencies is possible.

Total banking Automation

We have computerized 80 + branches of different banks & the number is growing.

Advocates (counsel )

Counsel is a real boon in information management for legal advisors & advocates . It takes care of virtually every day & from time to time.
Salient Features :-
Stores particular case details needed for reference.
Stores details of documentation of every case like starting dates, transfers of case from one court to another.
Total History Storage.
Highlights points Based on Inputs.
Details of opposite party, Advocates, etc.
Payment Details

Civil Construction (Vishwakarma )

It is a software that has been rigorously tested by an array of builders in Pune. It is capable of generating various particular site centric report within minutes. Based on inputs givens this system effectively & at any point of time generates information pertaining to site details, number of building in area, flat details. Also it is capable of generating reports on booking, cancellations.
Salient Features :-
Unique Account Maintenance Facility.
Inbuilt Facility of printed Receipts & Cheques.
Specially Negotiated terms do not disturb the program.

Hotel Management (Atithya )

A most unique software that successfully manages & configures information generated continuously from sources that include Room Reservations, F & B and Accounts Atithya even generates desired report for a smooth Inventory Control.
Salient Features :-
Independent as well as consolidated report generation.
Periodicity as may be required by the Management, i.e. Daily, Monthly or Yearly.
Area of information Management can be customized.


A Unique Accounting & Inventory Management Software
A windows based software that maintains
Purchase and Sales (Different for Medicines and General items )
Expired Medicines can’t be sold and are maintained separately .
Batch Wise & Company Wise Maintenance.
Faster Billing.
Takes care of Changing Taxes.
Credit & Debit Note Raising.
Cash / Bank Receipt / Payment.
Part as well as Cumulative Payment possible.
Keeps a Trace of pending Invoice with the supplier / Customer.
Maintenance of Sales & Purchase Rate.
Inventory Management and control.
Keeps minimum Stock Level Record.
Only one entry required & the figure goes to all necessary Books right till the Balance Sheet.
Generate the Stock statement required by Banks and the all financial Report.
Shows the Financial Status of your Business at any given time.
A Best friend who help you to take faster and correct decisions.